The true ending of GTA 5 is the best in the series

The true ending of GTA 5 is the best in the series

Grand Theft Auto 5 has an explosive finale for protagonists Michael, Franklin and Trevor, and it has the most satisfying ending in the series.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is not only the biggest game in the series, but also has the best ending of all GTA game by far. while most Grand Theft Auto games have bittersweet endings, GTA 5 goes in the opposite direction and has a happy ending for everyone involved. This feeling helped to set GTA 5 in a good way apart from the rest of the series.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for GTA 5.]

Grand Theft Auto 5 actually has three endings to choose from. However, the first two end the game on a sad note. Ending A sees Trevor’s death, and Ending 2 includes Michael’s death. In both endings, one character is permanently gone and unplayable in the postgame, while the other two sever ties to each other. Grand Theft Auto 5‘s canonical Ending C, on the other hand, features all three protagonists careful to defeat their enemies, and the ensuing mission is very satisfying.


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At the beginning of Ending C, the protagonists and Lester get together and figure out how to deal with all their enemies. Any major villain yet to be dealt with will be included in the plan. Even Stretch, who was little involved in the overall plot other than trying to have Lamar and Franklin killed, is included. These characters have all been despicable since their first appearances, and the player will naturally want them to take down everything they’ve done over the course of the game. Even GTA 5‘s Trevor had a good side, but the main opponents of the game will only arouse aversion in the player, making their demise even sweeter.

The ending of GTA 5 is the brightest in the Grand Theft Auto series

Ending C of Grand Theft Auto 5V is a complete victory for the protagonists.

This mission also features some of the best usability features of all three characters. The player is thrown into each of their tasks one after the other as the trio kill each other’s enemies to avoid suspicion. When one is ready, the player can instantly switch to the next character in line with no downtime. This makes the final mission feel like the story’s biggest climax as the protagonists finally turn the tables on their tormentors. The big finish comes when the protagonists push the car with the last villain, Devin Weston, off a cliff, wiping out their latest threat and leaving them with no loose ends to take care of. After all the exciting missions and heists in GTA 5 that the trio survived, it feels good to see them finally win.

This triumphant happy ending is the most important thing that makes GTA 5ends so successfully. After San Andreas And, in particular GTA 4 end up with the protagonists not fully fulfilled, GTA 5The grand finale is a welcome change. Not only is it good to see the playable characters come out undisputedly the best, but it also makes the player feel that their hard work has been well rewarded. Although the GTA 5 protagonists are far from traditional heroes, this ending follows a traditional story pattern. The bad guys lose, and unlike Grand Theft Auto 4ends, everything ends happily ever after.

Grand Theft Auto 5 did everything he could to make the ending the most satisfying part of the game. It tests the player’s skills in each segment, contains several dramatic moments and finishes the story in a beautiful, clean way. If the next GTA game follows Grand Theft Auto 5‘s example in coming up with the ending, then the series could see another incredible climax very soon.

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