The unexpected best-selling cars of the moment!

The unexpected best-selling cars of the moment!

With supply chain problems lingering and the effects of the pandemic, it should come as no surprise that March new car sales are at their lowest levels since 1998, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. In total, 243,479 cars were sold in March, 14.3% less than in the same period in 2021.

This question has the price of second-hand cars increasing, making the deposit fees and low APR rates of many manufacturer-backed PCP schemes increasingly tempting. With electric cars prominent in the list, it is certainly a time of change in the car buying market.

Top 10 best-selling cars for March 2022

10. Ford Fiesta (3,890 sold)

While not the most practical supermini out there, the Fiesta is a fine choice. The Ecoboost engines have a lot of power and are also a lot of fun to drive. A range of safety and infotainment technology is available, while competitive financial deals make it even more tempting.

9. Toyota C-HR (3,910 sold)

As you might expect, the CH-R uses Toyota’s efficient hybrid system to improve economy, especially in the city, without having to plug in your car. It’s good in the corners, although you really need the 2.0 liter to take advantage of it, the 1.8 is a bit weak.

8. Ford Kuga (4,223 sold)

In the Kuga you have the choice of regular petrol, hybrid or plug-in hybrid, as diesel has been phased out at the end of 2021. The PHEV in particular is very economical, even without a charged battery, and also drives well. However, a small trunk and a cheap-feeling interior count against the Kuga.

7. Kia Sportage (4,563 sold)

Like the Kuga, the Sportage is available with a range of hybrid and non-hybrid petrol engines under the hood. Four-wheel drive is also an option, something not every SUV of this size offers, while the space inside is generous. A seven-year warranty makes it a tempting long-term choice, although it’s not particularly cheap to buy.

6. Ford Puma (4,755 sold)

The Puma is simply one of the best small SUVs out there, with a surprisingly large trunk and just enough room in the back. Like the Fiesta it’s based on, it’s fantastic fun to drive and shares its range of Ecoboost engines. There’s even a hot ST version that’s more entertaining than many much more expensive performance SUVs.

5. Hyundai Tucson (4,876 sold)

With a distinctive style inside and out and plenty of space, it’s easy to see why the Tucson has been so popular. The quality is good and the infotainment impresses, although it is certainly not the sharpest control in its class. It shares its engines with the Sportage, so there’s plenty of choice and four-wheel drive on offer.

4. Nissan Qashqai (5,401 sold)

A fresh look inside and out has helped keep the latest generation of Qashqai at the top of the bestsellers list. It’s bigger and more luxurious inside with physical controls for things like the heater, making it easier to operate than rivals’ touch-sensitive systems. The standard kit is generous, although there is no plugin version.

3. Opel Corsa (5,515 sold)

You now get the choice of engine or electricity in your Corsa, which helps it towards bronze in this list. It’s a decent little car that drives well, is fairly roomy and comes with plenty of driver assistance technology. We wish it was a little less boring inside.

2. Tesla Model 3 (6,457 sold)

Electric cars are no longer the future, they are the present, as Tesla so clearly shows. The Model 3’s combination of long range and fast, easy charging makes it easier to switch from a petrol or diesel vehicle, and the performance makes the deal even more attractive.

1. Tesla Model Y (6,464 sold)

Unsurprisingly, the Model 3 SUV version is even more popular than the sedan. It’s not great to drive, but the huge trunk and increased rear space make it a much more practical proposition.