These are our favorite features of the 2022 Genesis GV80

The 2022 Genesis GV80

Over the years, luxury car manufacturers have taken a larger share of the total car market. Many of these brands are achieving record sales and producing more vehicles that appeal to the masses. Hyundai is clearly not pleased with this and wanted to take its own share in the luxury market. So the most reasonable thing would be to take a page out of Toyota’s book and continue their own luxury brand, as the latter did when they created Lexus in the 1980s. For starters, these new luxury vehicles already use the same architecture as those already in the parent company’s portfolio.

That’s how Genesis came into being. In the first few years that Genesis was in business, there wasn’t much fanfare around the brand, as they only offered two sedans, both of which were essentially copies of what was previously offered under the Hyundai name. But now that Genesis has updated and expanded its portfolio, things have changed. This is partly thanks to the GV80, which is Genesis’ largest SUV offered. This vehicle has shown what Genesis is capable of, and it is truly impressive. The GV80 gives an ultra-premium look at a reasonable price for a luxury SUV of this caliber.

Here are all the features that made us fall in love with the 2022 Genesis GV80.


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The 2022 Genesis GV80: technology masked in luxury

These are some vehicles today that may be a technological marvel but fall short in the luxury category, yet they are marketed as a luxury vehicle. The GV80 does an exceptional job of combining a host of technologically advanced features, while still being coated in a soft layer of luxury. This may be partly because the chief designer for Genesis is Luc Donckerwolke who, prior to his time at Genesis, was a design director at the Volkswagen Group meaning he played a part in the designs of their luxury brands such as Bentley. An acclaimed designer like him certainly wouldn’t let technology be the sole focus of a major luxury SUV like the GV80. It may also explain why the GV80 is a spitting image of the Bentley Bentayga that was designed when Donckerwolke was still at Volkswagen.

But we’re not complaining if the GV80 resembles the Bentayga, as the Bentley is stunning and its proportions and design features look just as good on the Genesis. But behind that attractive oversized chrome grille is still enough technology to keep up with the best. The digital meter cluster offers an optional three-dimensional display making it appear to the driver that certain information appears in layers or before other information. Other than this you have a key fob that allows you to move the car forwards and backwards remotely. Such technological features have not yet penetrated the luxury segment and the GV80 seems to want to stay ahead of the curve with unique technological advances, while still maintaining the composure of a true luxury SUV.

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The 2022 Genesis GV80: Splitting the size difference makes for more practicality

The Genesis GV80 is by no means a small SUV due to the fact that it is 195 inches long. This makes it bigger than a compact luxury crossover, but runs small compared to a full-size luxury SUV like the Mercedes-Benz GLS or BMW X7. But the GV80 still combines the best of both segments. Full-size luxury SUVs can be a little impractical to drive at times, but the smaller GV80 has proportions that give it an impressive presence on the road, while still delivering a smooth, more car-like ride. More compact luxury crossovers make sacrifices in terms of space, but the GV80 offers just a little more room so it can be configured in five or seven-seat configurations, offering the flexibility many owners currently want.

Genesis was also able to combine practicality with power in the GV80. This luxury SUV doesn’t need a big V8 to give it enough power, because its standard turbo four-cylinder engine delivers 300 horsepower. Some older V8s on the market have a hard time meeting or exceeding the 300 horsepower mark. This base engine gives the GV80 commendable gas mileage, at 21 in the city and 25 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Genesis GV80 can be described as the “Goldilocks” of luxury SUVs due to its positioning in the market. It offers enough space for almost everything you need, while still not being an absolute behemoth on the road. It offers you all the modern technology you would expect from a luxury car, but it does not sacrifice luxury for it. In general, these kinds of features are at the heart of what makes a luxury vehicle a tough one today, and the 2022 Genesis GV80 simply ticks all of these boxes.

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