These are the best features of the 2005 Mitsubishi Diamante

2005 Mitsubishi Diamante

When we talk about mid-range cars that are mostly bought by the mid-range, there are many brands that come to mind. There are a few brands like Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan and others that just come to mind when we think of these types of vehicles.

There is one brand that may not be at the top of the list but has built some iconic cars. Enter Mitsubishi, a brand that has produced incredible, best performing vehicles and others that are perfect for those who cannot buy a top of the line car and need a reliable, cheap and useful vehicle.

The Japanese company may have some iconic cars, such as the Evo in all its versions, the Outlander and more, but there is one model that has gone unnoticed but has some good qualities that should be looked at. It’s the 2005 Mitsubishi Diamante.

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About the 2005 Mitsubishi Diamante

The Mitsubishi Diamante was first produced in 1990 in Japan and won Car of the Year. It was introduced to the US market in 1991. Divided into two generations, the Mitsubishi Diamante is a full size car with all the basic features that cars of the late 90s and early 2000s had.

The car was produced until 2005 when the company announced the production of larger sedans and basically ended the Diamante and Gallant models. In Japan, because of its size, they had a big problem with this model. Fortunately, there are some laws that regulate taxes based on their size. This solved this problem, and the cars were released as expected.

Today, the Mitsubishi Diamante is not that easy to find on the market, but if you do find it, it will be relatively affordable at around $5000. That makes the Mitsubishi Diamante a perfect first car for some people, as it’s not that old to cause a lot of trouble and spare parts are not that hard to find.

It is a misconception that to be important, relevant or remembered a car has to be a sports car. That would mean that to be considered relevant, a car must have high speed and a number of other top-notch characteristics.

That’s not what a budget everyday car has, but that doesn’t mean that this type of car can’t be relevant or important. The vast majority of the world’s population cannot afford a car with many features, but there are some models that offer a lot for a low budget.

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Specifications and features of the Mitsubishi Diamante 2005

The 2005 Mitsubishi Diamante has a 2.5L engine that can produce 168 horsepower and 167 ft-lb of torque. It has a 4-speed automatic transmission and can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 10 seconds. The Diamante has a top speed of 124 mph.

The Diamante is a fairly large car with a length of 189 inches and a weight of 3307 lbs. It is a front-wheel drive car and has ventilated front and rear brake discs. The simplicity and lack of equipment of the Mitsubishi Diamante make this car a gem in modern times. It may not be the fanciest, but it’s a budget vehicle, saving you some money on a bunch of unnecessary features that could drive up the price.

The Mitsubishi Diamante has a fuel capacity of 19 US gallons and is equipped with a multipoint fuel injection ECI SOHC system. All in all, the Diamante is a simple yet powerful vehicle that will do its job and serve you well.

Why choose the 2005 Mitsubishi Diamante?

If your financial situation allows you to buy just one car, the Mitsubishi Diamante is a good option. This car is perfect for everyday use with plenty of room for short trips, acceptable fuel economy and 100% reliability. True to the important Mitsubishi features, this car would be no problem. Reviews said this car needed some repair due to poor driving or just time.

Maybe it’s not the most equipped car for a 2005 model, but people didn’t expect anything special, besides it seems like a good idea because the price of the car wouldn’t be higher. It went a bit unnoticed due to the wide range of options people could find on the market at the time, but those who opted for the Diamante don’t regret it.

The Mitsubishi Diamante is not a car made for speed, but with its large engine it is not impossible to have fun with it. The Diamante might just be the perfect first car for a student or young people. This type of car still has some value in the market, because of its reliability and low price, many people opt instead of buying a new car.


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