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The Dodge Durango Hellcat and Durango SRT were on display at the Chicago Auto Show and the New York International Auto Show for the 2020 production year, but there was no sighting of a new Dodge Journey. Both the Journey and Grand Caravan (now Voyager) were born in the same year, 2008, and accounted for 38 percent of the company’s sales. Both models received major upgrades in 2011, but the thousands of Canadian and American families who have fallen in love with the Journey only “traveled” more.

Fans were disappointed, but they were not left in suspense over the absence of the Ryan Nagode-designed mid-sized crossover SUV that first entered production in 2008. Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced that they will discontinue production of the 3-row crossover utility vehicle (CUV) along with the Dodge Grand Caravan, without plans for a replacement. Even before the announcement, however, there were rumors of a redesigned Dodge Journey. So fans were sure of the Journey’s return, even if it wore a different badge.

It turned out that the rumors were true. The Journey was indeed on a return journey and was not followed by its predecessors. The Dodge Journey 2022 is something completely different. The design is based on the GAC-made compact crossover – the Trumpchi GS5† Behold the all-new, redesigned 2022 Dodge Journey, purpose-built for passenger comfort and safety until the journey is over. Wondering why FCA left the Journey in the first place? Here’s a standout. With features like a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine that produces a dull 173 horsepower in what should be a 7-passenger long-haul vehicle, the Journey couldn’t keep up with the competition for the past decade. So, what does it look like under the hood of the 2022 Journey reborn? Let’s start there.

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The 2022 Dodge Journey offers great power and performance

Under the hood of the Journey is a 1.5L turbo 4-cylinder engine. What does this mean for the power and performance of the Dodge Journey 2022?

It doesn’t seem like such an exciting improvement over the 2019 Dodge Journey, except that the 1.5L comes with the BorgWarner electronically controlled actuator in addition to the 2nd-generation Bosch high-pressure injection system. The result of this combination is a Dodge Journey with lower fuel consumption, better combustion stability and lower emissions.

The BorgWarner is a low inertia turbocharger specifically built to support low viscosity oil with low noise and low vibration. What this means for Journey’s performance is that the prayers of fans seeking to end the boredom of a slower-than-expected crossover commercial vehicle have been answered.

The turbocharged petrol engine provides more boost when accelerating while delivering lower fuel consumption than its predecessor with a 2.4L engine. The 1.5L engine is mated to a Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission. The Aisin lends its prowess to fuel efficiency, adaptive intelligence control and quick shifting.

The engine is rated at 169 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque. Frankly, the absence of a V6 engine in the 2022 Journey makes you wonder if this China-built CUV is meant for having kids, or will the Journey be discontinued again? The most likely prediction is that the rumors of a model in development based on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio are true.

The 2022 Journey is not aimed at the US market. The GAC/Stellantis partnership is exporting the rebadged vehicle to the Mexican market. We know the market will get Journey in three trim levels: SXT, Sport and GT. These three provide plenty of options for the customer’s different riding needs.

With the GT, customers can expect a Journey with enhanced speed and endurance capabilities for long distances. While the “Sport” is self-explanatory, the consensus on the SXT Standard is eXtra, meaning the SXT trim is right in between entry-level and front-line capabilities.

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The 2022 Dodge Journey has great design upgrades

“It’s about time” is your first thought when you see the 2022 Dodge Journey for the first time, we guarantee it. The Journey was the brand’s best-selling vehicle in Mexico in December 2021. It’s like they say, leave it to the Chinese. The 2022 Chinese-built Dodge Journey looks significantly better than the previous one.

You are looking at a modernized and future-proof front. The grille is bigger, even bigger than the Trumpchi GS5s on which the new Dodge is based. The grille also has a sleeker aesthetic. The interior features high-quality, soft-touch materials with an overall look that surpasses the Journey’s predecessor.

You can get the new Journey in Bright Blue, Shiny Copper, Silver, White, Shiny Black and Granite. That’s a lot of color palettes to choose from.

Should we whine about the lack of a V6 engine, when it’s clear that the makers of this vehicle went above and beyond in terms of passenger safety and affordability? Affordability has always been the Journey’s selling point and the 2022 model is no different.

In addition, the vehicle has many bells and whistles, such as a rear view camera in the improved infotainment system, anti-lock brakes, 360 degree camera, remote start, skid control and stability control. The infotainment display is available in different sizes, depending on the version; 7-inch in the SXT/Sport trim and 12.3-inch in the GT trim. The 2022 Journey GT is actually the first Dodge to market a screen of that size and techno ambiance.

The GT also has a digital instrument cluster, while the SXT and Sport trims get an analog instrument cluster with a digital LCD display. All trim levels will receive an 8-inch central touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities.

Now, for cargo space, you get a lot of storage in the new Journey; It is a bona fide family car. We hear the Journey in Mexico goes for $555,900 MXN (about $28,250 USD) to $645,900 MXN (about $32,825 USD), depending on the equipment.

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