These are the best features of the Alpine A110. from 1977

1977 Alpine A110

The Alpine A110 is a sports car from the French car company Alpine and was introduced in 1963 classic sports car was in production for quite some time after being a huge hit with the sports car customer base. However, the last production year was 1977, in which the model offered the largest displacement, but not the greatest horsepower.

In fact, it was the 1973 to 1975 model years that offered the most horsepower. Nevertheless, the 1977 model of the Alpine A110 still got a Renault engine, just like the others. What’s more is that the 1977 model year was the most popular for racing. Therefore, it had many great features that took the Alpine A110 to greater and better heights in 1977.

On that note, here’s a more detailed look at the 1977 Alpine A110 and its best features.

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Best Features of the 1977 Alpine A110: Powertrain

The 1977 Alpine A110 model was also named berlinette, which refers to a small, closed two-door coupé in the post-World War II era. Although it has a small body, it is home to great engine design. The 1.4 liter engine was located in the rear of the car, which is beneficial for providing more balance.

When the power from the engine comes to the rear, it helps to turn the rear wheels and thus distributes the weight of the drivetrain throughout the car rather than just the front. This allows the car to enjoy better handling, which is ideal for racing around a track. The 1977 Alpine A110 is popular as a race car, which corresponds to the fact that the designers placed the engine at the rear to improve balance and handling.

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Limited production is also a cool feature of the 1977 Alpine A110

Another big advantage of the Alpine A110 from 1977 is the small number of copies produced. In total, only 170 copies of the 1977 model were made. While this can be frustrating for customers wanting one to add to their classic sports car collection, it’s a great achievement for anyone who can get their hands on one.

With their Alpine Renault 1397 4-cylinder engine, they were the ideal sports car for track racing. Hence, very few were made, as they were typical for driving on the track and not on the street. Limited production allowed the car to remain unique and maintain its value, as well as its position in the automotive world.

Some models did have a turbo engine, which would increase the power. Those who did have the turbocharged engine would most likely be the ones taking to the track to perform in races.

The base models of the 1977 Alpine A110 were equipped with a Stock R16 TX Cléon-Alu engine, which could only produce 92 hp. However, the turbocharged engine could maximize power to a much more impressive 290 horsepower.

Overall, the best features of the 1977 Alpine A110 were due to its engine and mechanics. While the design was unique, there weren’t many other features that stood out like the engine.

front view of the A110

The Alpine A110 will make you wish it was sold on American soil

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