These are the best features of the Jensen S-V8

Jensen S-V8

Have you ever thought about why certain cars came into being? Why would anyone invest a gross $12,493,120 in the production of a car? Looking back at the various designs and options available in the British car industry in the 1990s, there was an absolute need for a Jensen S-V8. Every car enthusiast is looking forward to new, modern and fast cars. That’s why every car company likes to meet the needs of the market. For the Jensens, designing an elegant, robust steel car for the streets of Britain remains a brilliant idea.

The Jensen S-V8 RN S-V8 was launched with an initial 300 units with a retail price of $50,000 in 1998. However, by the end of 1999, 110 cars had been ordered. Therefore, a new production started in 2001 at the Merseyside Factory in Speke. Unfortunately, the company encountered some challenges, which limited the number of production units. In 2002 the company went back into production and sold a few units. In 2003, the Jensen name and the remaining partially completed cars were sold to SA Automotive, an Oxfordshire company. This event led to the completion and construction of the 11 cars under Jensen director, Graham Henley. Despite the changes the Jensen car has gone through, we think it’s a great car worth discussing.

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A look at the Jensen Motors models

The Jensen Brothers manufactured their vehicles in 1936 and this included the design, development of the models and production. Between the years 1936 and 1941, the Jensen S model appeared on the market. The S models have adapted the Ford V8 engine, giving the models dynamic and different performance and speed. Thanks to this improved performance, some designed S models took part in rallies and gained recognition both in Britain and abroad.

Shortly after, the H model began, the model came with a Nash straight 8 and independent front suspension. Other features such as the drop-head, tourer, sedan, and fixed-head coupe were added. However, production of the H model ended in 1945. After that, production of the Jensen GT began and some of the cars were finished in leather, while most were trimmed in cord.

In 1976, Jensen’s company and products were liquidated. Given Jensen’s achievements, the company proved successful from its inception until 2001 when the Jensen S-V8 came into the limelight.

These are our best features of the Jensen S-V8

The Jensen V8, commonly referred to as a ‘Million Pound Jensen’, is the epitome of innovation and ultra-modernism. Known as a re-emergence of the popular brand in the British car industry. With its Ford Mustang-powered engine, sleek aluminum skin structure and classic styling, Jensen stands out for its exceptionally elegant design.

Best features of the Jensen S-V8: engine and power performance

The Jensen S-V8 comes with a naturally aspirated Ford Mustang 4.6 liter 32-valve cobra engine. The engine generates over 321 horsepower to reach its top speed of 160 mph in less than 5 seconds. The Jensen car comes with a high standard. It’s no news that a lot has gone into the production of the car, ranging from the powertrain to the aluminum body panels and great wishbone suspension. All these features ensure that the car has an interesting top speed.

The S-V8 railcar has a front engine, rear-wheel drive and a body style with a convertible door. The S-V8 delivers power to the wheels through its five-speed manual transmission. The car weighs an estimated 2,756 lbs at the curb, and is said to reach a speed of 255 mph.

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Best features of the Jensen S-V8: World-class design

The S-V8 comes with a class-leading chassis, the car blending British technology and American refinement. The car also has some great car angles, with enough grip for the user to avoid getting into any kind of accident. Despite the work that went into this, we still like the car a bit. The Jensen delivers a fun and redefined ride compared to other big-wheeled cars on the highway. In this regard, many see the Jensen S-V8 as a car built for fun and comfort, rather than the track.

Conversely, the controls don’t feel quite like its competitor. This is because the steering wheel causes the car to wander down the highway, and this experience is alarming. This can be considered a limitation for the production of the S-V8. Nevertheless, the car is known for its A-road speeds, in fact some feedback about the car, highlighting its excellent speed capability.

The S-V8 has a sleek recessed panel, with a roomy trunk that can hold luggage for two people. The car comes with handy bucket seats that provide support during intensive cornering.

The Jensen S-V8 comes with black leather upholstery, which makes it elegant. The style of the car is described as an excellent upgraded sports car. The company has made some intelligent efforts to innovate steering columns, steering stops, seat mounts, brakes, rear wings and heat shields.

Jensen Healey - Front Quarter

Here’s What Everyone Forgot About Jensen Motors and Its Vehicles

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