These are the best new cars to get on the 72 plate

New 72 plate
New 72 plate

September marks the arrival of the new 72-plate registration. While the automotive industry continued to experience setbacks due to global parts shortages, this has not stopped key manufacturers from launching a number of significant new models.

Here we take a look at some of the latest cars that will be available with the brand new 72 plate registration.

Alfa Romeo Tonale
The Tonale is located below the Stelvio in Alfa Romeo’s SUV range. (Alpha Romeo)

Alfa has succeeded its large SUV Stelvio with the more compact Tonale. With some classic Alfa styling touches alongside a modern and tech-laden interior, the Tonale enters a very crowded segment with some key rivals to counter.

Currently, only a single 1.5-litre engine option is available with the Tonale, although a plug-in hybrid version will join the ranks soon.

The new BMW 2 Series is more mature than its predecessors. (BMW)

BMW’s latest 2 Series Coupé takes a more mature approach and is basically based on the same platform as the 3 and 4 Series models, giving it a slightly more refined character than before.

The 2 Series Coupé also comes with a wide range of engines, from efficient diesels to a performance 3.0-litre turbo petrol engine in the top-end M240i.

Citroen Amic
The little Ami is ideal for the city. (lemon)

The Ami was never destined to come to the UK, but after overwhelming demand, Citroën went back on its original decision and decided to bring it here anyway.

The small two-seater may only be suitable for urban areas and shorter journeys, but that hasn’t stopped a large number of people from coming forward and showing an interest. There will even be a business Ami Cargo version here.

Citroen C5 X
The funky new C5 X is one of Citroën’s most luxurious models to date. (lemon)

Citroën has introduced a new flagship to its range: the C5 X. Designed to draw inspiration from some of the company’s flamboyant top models of yesteryear, the C5 X aims to deliver the luxury of a sedan, the practicality of a station wagon, but with the premium feel of a modern SUV.

With plenty of interior space and a well-crafted cabin, the C5 X feels like one of the most luxurious Citroëns to date.

The Dacia Jogger is the UK’s cheapest new seven-seater. (Dacia)

Dacia has done well with its budget-oriented models lately and the Jogger is one of the most impressive new cars. It’s the UK’s cheapest new seven-seater and not only has plenty of seating space, but also a large boot and an efficient 1.0-litre engine.

It’s also remarkably flexible; the second and third rows of seats can be completely removed to free up luggage space, while the roof rails can be unlocked with an Allen wrench and turned to form bars that can then be used to mount roof boxes.

The 296 GT breathes new life into the V6 engine in a Ferrari. (Ferrari)

Ferrari is rapidly expanding its electrified range, with the 296 GTB as the latest. This hybrid supercar, which sits beneath the SF90 Stradale, uses Ferrari’s first V6 engine and develops a massive 819 horsepower with its electric assist, enabling a time of 0-100 km/h in under three seconds.

The 296 GTB also has a beautiful, sleek design and is hailed by many as one of Ferrari’s best cars ever.

Genesis electrified G80
The Genesis Electrified G80 rivals the Tesla Model S. (Genesis)

The new premium brand Genesis is certainly not launching quietly in Europe, with a flurry of fresh metal arriving from the South Korean brand. An increasing number of these are also EVs, including the new Electrified G80.

This large sedan rivals the Tesla Model S and has a powerful electric setup and a generous electric range of 323 miles.

Genesis GV60
The GV60 uses the same platform as the Kia EV6. (Genesis)

A second new electric Genesis also launching in time for the 72 plate is the GV70. Unlike the G80 above, this is an electric-only model with a custom platform – shared with the rather excellent Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.

With a funky design, the GV60 also offers a fantastic interior and one of the most comfortable rides of any electric car.

Honda Civic
Honda marks 50 years of Civic with this new 11th generation car. (Honda)

Few cars have been on sale for as long as the Honda Civic, which returns in 2022 – the year it celebrates its 50th anniversary – for an impressive 11th generation.
Now sold purely as a hybrid (until the Type R arrives in early 2023), the Civic is fantastic to drive, with a great mix of performance and efficiency. It is also practical and generously equipped, and a solid family car.

Kia Niro PHEV
The new Niro is available with three electrified powertrains. (Kia)

Now one of the best-selling cars in the UK, the Kia Niro is perfectly placed to take advantage of the increased demand for electrified models – sold as hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full-EV.

A new second-generation model just arrives at dealerships, featuring a much-improved design and higher-quality interior, along with revised, more modern powertrains. The electric e-Niro is expected to become the bestseller.

The CX-60 is Mazda’s first plug-in hybrid model. (Mazda)

Mazda wants to continue in the higher segment and the CX-60 is the first step in that direction. Acting as the brand’s new flagship model, this SUV stands above the CX-5 in the brand’s lineup and impresses with its high-quality interior.

The other important thing to note with the CX-60 is that it introduces Mazda’s first plug-in hybrid powertrain, with an electric range of up to 63 miles.

McLaren Arthur
The Artura’s hybrid powertrain develops 674 hp. (McLaren)

One of the most significant launches in the world of performance cars this year is the McLaren Artura. The Artura, the first in a wave of next-generation sports models, is also the British brand’s first hybrid supercar not limited by production volumes.

Although delayed for several months, the first cars soon arrive at customers. The Artura develops 674 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just three seconds, while delivering 60 mpg at the same time.

The EQE can manage up to a claimed 384 miles on a charge. (Mercedes Benz)

Mercedes now has one of the most comprehensive ranges of electric cars, ranging from small SUVs to luxury sedans. One of the latest additions is the EQE, essentially an electric sedan of a similar size to the brand’s E-Class.

With a particularly impressive interior, the EQE can also travel up to 384 miles on a charge, which is one of the longest of any EV on the market today.

With a starting price of £25,995, the MG4 is one of the most affordable new EVs. (MG)

Electric cars now account for a large percentage of MG’s sales, but that looks set to grow further with the arrival of the new MG4. First deliveries to customers will begin in September, with the main attraction of this Ford Focus-sized hatchback being its starting price of £25,995, vastly undermining opposition.

MG also promises class-leading levels of interior space, while the standard equipment also impresses – including a large touchscreen and automatic LED headlights. A seven-year warranty is also included.

Nissan Ariya
It’s been over two years since Nissan first unveiled the Ariya. (Nissan)

It’s been over two years since Nissan first unveiled the Ariya, but after a long delay, the first cars are just arriving with customers. It turns out to be worth the wait, as the Ariya has already racked up a number of awards.

Bringing a higher quality interior than what you would normally expect from a Nissan, it also features a clever new design and an electric range of up to 529 miles.

Porsche Macan T
The Macan T serves as a lighter, purer version of this SUV. (Porsche)

While Porsche may be preparing an all-electric Macan, expected in 2023, there’s still a lot to like about the current version. It has recently been given a new ‘T’ specification meaning a lighter, purer version. The Macan is also the first SUV to bear the badge.

Using Porsche’s smaller four-cylinder engine to keep weight down, the Macan T also features sports suspension and model-exclusive styling elements for both the interior and exterior.

Range Rover
Plug-in hybrid Range Rovers can drive up to 70 miles on a single charge. (Land Rover)

Another of the key launches of 2022 is the next-generation Range Rover. While it may not look too different from its predecessor, this model has been scrutinized in all areas that matter.

With more technology than ever, it’s also better to drive and ultra-luxurious inside. Land Rover has also introduced a few new plug-in hybrids, which will allow them to travel up to 70 miles on electricity.

Toyota Aygo X
The Aygo X is one of the few new city cars on the market. (Toyota)

With companies like Ford, Peugeot and Vauxhall all withdrawing from the city car segment, the remaining brands remain in a lucrative position, especially Toyota with its new Aygo X.

This new crossover-inspired model, which replaces the old Aygo, is an ideal car for the time, with its low starting price and small, efficient petrol engine making it a very affordable new car. With generous trim levels and plenty of personalization options, there’s a lot to like about this Aygo X.

Toyota bZ4x
The bZ4x is Toyota’s first custom-built EV. (Toyota)

Toyota’s first battery-electric car was a long time coming, but the bZ4X seems to have been worth the wait. Using a new EV-only platform that will support a range of Toyota and Lexus models in the future, the bZ4X has an excellent range of up to 518 miles.

The bZ4X represents a step forward for Toyota with its design and interior, and is also offered with four-wheel drive, offering class-leading off-road capability for those looking to take their car off the beaten track.

Opel Astra
The new Astra looks unrecognizable to its predecessors. (Opel)

Opel has really reinvented its Astra for the latest generation, which looks almost unrecognizable from its predecessors inside and out. With a bold new style direction, it’s also packed with technology.

An ideal option for those who don’t want a crossover, Vauxhall has also introduced a plug-in hybrid version to the Astra range, offering an electric range of up to 70 miles.

Volkswagen ID.5
The ID.5 is a slimmer coupé-style version of the ID.4. (Volkswagen)

Volkswagen’s lineup of electric cars already includes the ID.3 hatch and ID.4 SUV, but has recently been expanded further with the ID.5. Essentially a ‘coupé’ version of the ID.4, with a sleeker design appealing to those who prefer design over space.

That said, it remains a practical choice given its shape, while a hot GTX version delivers a four-wheel drive setup that develops 296 horsepower. With a range of up to 327 miles, the ID.5 is also ideal for those who cover a lot of miles.

Volkswagen Multivan
The Mutivan uses a car (rather than a van) platform. (Volkswagen)

Volkswagen’s van-based MPV has always proved popular, but the brand’s latest isn’t really based on a commercial, but rather on a car platform. Called the Multivan, it replaces the Caravelle in the luxury MPV segment.

It seats seven and includes some major improvements such as rear electric seats and even plug-in hybrid powertrains, although petrol and diesel options remain available.