These are the best things you’ve done with your car

These are the best things you've done with your car
A photo of a dark green Ford Mustang coupe jumping over a bump in the road.

Photo: Ford


“Let me explain. I’ve had my GT since 2008. All I’ve done to it is lower springs, wheels/tires and exhaust. Very basic stuff that changed the look and sound. I can’t tell you how tempting it is to collapse and waste thousands of dollars on forced induction By now I could easily have a 600+ horsepower hot rod.

“I learned my lesson with my first car, a 1998 ZJ. I lifted that thing, made all kinds of adjustments, you name it. Do you know what happened? I destroyed it. It looked cool and was capable, but it was miserable to ride.

“I swore I would never do that to the Mustang. I would enjoy it for what it is, not force it to be something it isn’t.

“So now I have a really reliable, fun car that has literally never broken anything in the 14 years I’ve owned it. It’s not a money pit, it’s not a monument in my garage. It’s something that’s always ready to go and starts cheerfully every time. It may have been sitting for a month since it was last moved, but I know it will start right up and go without a hitch.

“With two kids under three and all the other things in life, I don’t have time for a project right now. Preventing my ‘nice car’ from becoming a perpetual project is the best thing I’ve ever done with my car.”

Many of you have argued that the best thing to do with your cars is, in fact, nothing at all. Apparently leaving your car stock will make it easier to sell when the time comes, and suggestions that any performance upgrades you try to make will actually ruin your car.

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