This is the best feature of the 2023 Polestar 3

2023 White Polestar 3 Parked In A Desert

Polestar very recently took the wraps off its all-new performance SUV – the 3. It is clear to see that the typical minimalism of a Scandinavian car (think Volvo) perfectly combines with the sporty design elements needed to put the ‘Sport’ in SUV.

For the ever-evolving EV era, this SUV fits right in with one of the best out there. Polestar’s goal is to make this an SUV that is not only relevant and practical at the moment, but one that will keep buyers flocking to dealerships. by just looking at it.

The Polestar 3 is undoubtedly a powerful electric SUV, but one with an attractive design to play a part in its success. Most of us are sure that looks are a big part of a vehicle’s appeal.

Of North Star to bring the production of its models to the United States, the company is all set to take on Tesla and other rival EV lifters. This is just the beginning for Polestar in America, and the idea of ​​an EV SUV is coming at the right time.

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This is the best feature of the 2023 Polestar 3

Among the many advanced features that the Polestar 3 SUV comes with, there is one feature that makes it stand out: Volvo Cars’ next-gen advanced active and passive safety technology.

This innovation allows the radar sensors in the interior to pick up minor movements from within, effectively helping parents not to accidentally leave their pets or children in the SUV. The same system is connected to the climate control system to prevent heat stroke or hypothermia.

The 3 is also Polestar’s first model to feature centralized computing with the NVIDIA DRIVE core computer, borrowing software from Volvo’s cars. This acts as the AI ​​brain, NVIDIA’s high-performance automotive platform that processes data from the car’s many sensors and cameras into the active, advanced safety net for driver assistance and driver monitoring.

Snapdragon technology from smartphones has now found its way into an integral role in the interior of the Polestar 3. For example, the infotainment system is powered by a next-generation Snapdragon Cockpit from Qualcomm Technologies.

Several open and scalable cloud-connected automotive platforms, part of the Snapdragon Digital Chassis, will be used to deliver engaged in-vehicle experiences with its diverse capabilities to produce HD displays, smooth connectivity and the best possible surround sound.

Standard equipment includes five radar modules, twelve external ultrasonic sensors and five external cameras. Beneath the front aero wing, the SmartZone gathers all forward-facing sensors and a heated radar module and camera, forming a signature Polestar design element.

Polestar 3’s premium interior raises the bar

The materials used in the Polestar 3 have been incorporated for their sustainability benefits, and this has in no way hindered design and luxury inside.

The materials include bio-attributed MicroTech, fully traceable upholstery and certified animal welfare leather. Inside, a pair of closed-loop driver monitoring cameras feature industry-leading eye-tracking technology for the first time, from Smart Eye to Polestar.

The cameras monitor the driver’s eyes and can accordingly trigger warning messages, sounds or even an emergency stop function the moment a drowsy (or distracted) driver is identified.

Polestar 3 also offers a performance package

Polestar has equipped its 3 SUV with a dual-motor setup and a power bias to the rear. The standard model makes 489 horsepower and 619 lb-ft of torque. The optional Performance Pack takes things to the next level, producing 516 horsepower and 671 lb-ft of torque.

The 3 has a adjustable one-pedal drive and the SUV gets an electric Torque Vectoring Dual Clutch function on the rear axle. The rear electric motor has a decoupling function, which allows the car to operate only on the front electric motor – this helps to save energy.

The two-chamber air suspension, which comes as standard, offers advanced chassis control, allowing the SUV to fine-tune between comfort and dynamic suspension characteristics. It can also electronically change its active damper speed.

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Polestar 3 is dressed in a smart suit

The Polestar 3 looks beautiful, and we weren’t expecting it, given how uninspiring the Polestar 1 looked. The muscular profile of the SUV, on the other hand, changes our impression.

It looks radical and wide, and above all it seems to be the future of the SUV form. At least for Polestar – and it would be great if Volvo could take inspiration from the 3 for its future SUVs.

The hood has an integrated wing and there is another aerodynamic wing in the rear spoiler. A lot of aero tricks happen on the 3, but in subtle ways. With standard features such as air suspension, full LED interior and exterior lighting, 21-inch alloy wheels, a full-length panoramic glass roof and retractable door handles with proximity detection, the Polestar 3 will be a huge leap forward in the EV SUV segment.

Source: Polestar