This is why the Ferrari Purosangue is the best super SUV for gearboxes

Gray Ferrari Purosangue Parked Outside A House

Not many people thought Ferrari would make an SUV, including former Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo. But with the world moving into the SUV market, Ferrari making one became an immediate possibility, given that Lamborghini did it with the Urus.

After years of Ferrari’s SUV in the news, found camouflaged and screaming on a road, it’s finally out of the shadows – and if we’re honest – it doesn’t disappoint. To be the very first four-door four-seater model from the Italian brand in the company’s 75th anniversary.

With the Purosangue, Ferrari has made the boldest move ever – and we’re not sure if the founder, Enzo Ferrari would have wanted this to happen but he would be damn proud of the fact it has a V12 under the hood.

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Why the Ferrari Purosangue is the best super SUV for gearboxes

The engine must be the first reason why gearboxes buy the Purosangue. A 6.5-litre 12-cylinder engine, shaped into a ‘V’, also sounds almost unrealistic in today’s SUV, but they did it.

No turbos and no hybrid technology. This is a naturally aspirated engine with supercar-beating performance. The unit produces 715 horsepower and 528 lb-ft of torque and sends its power to all four wheels via an 8-speed F1 DCT gearbox. The throttle response, Ferrari claims, is exactly that of a sports car.

The cylinder heads are derived from the 812 Competizioneand the powertrain borrows concepts from Formula 1. This is by far the most powerful, nerve-racking engine Ferrari has ever made for a four-seater, and thus the most powerful in its segment.

The second reason gearboxes would buy a Purosangue is: the sound of the engine and exhausts. The engine (code name: F140IA) is responsible for the music it produces, and Ferrari claims it isn’t loud inside.

A pair of progressive mufflers ensures that the SUV is quiet when driving through a city. The soundtrack is typical of a Ferrari and sounds better than any music concert, especially when the SUV gets a red line.

The third reason: gearheads would buy a Purosangue over other rival SUVs, is the dynamism we expect from a true blue Ferrari. Ferrari has not forgotten the importance of practicality and comfort, as the Purosangue should be at the top of the sales charts.

But it was equally important to maintain Ferrari’s signature dynamics and performance – and to ensure a world first: Ferrari’s active suspension technology, powered by Multimatic’s True Active Spool Valve System.

This new suspension architecture offers multiple benefits by combining the control of the electric motor with a high-precision hydraulic damper with control valve in one fully integrated system.

The electric motor ensures that the body and wheels can be actively controlled with more power and at higher frequencies than regular adaptive or semi-active systems.

The fully active suspension system makes the most of maximum cornering performance, due to its variable and continuous roll stiffness distribution and actively lowered roll center; this helps to find a perfect balance between oversteer and understeer.

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Comfort is a priority with the Ferrari Purosangue

Inside the Purosangue you will see nothing but the best design and craftsmanship. It’s the right mix of sportiness and elegance, and the moment the suicide doors open, plenty of space is revealed. The feel of a GT is evident inside. However, it is a strict four-seater.

The driver’s cockpit is inspired by: the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, and the front passenger is part of the experience with a 10.2-inch display that gives you all the information you need. The digital interface is exactly the same as the one on all other Ferrari models.

The enveloping shapes come together, towards the center, and hug the passengers. Comfort-related controls are located on a hidden pivoting interface in the center of the dash, and best of all, rear seat passengers can access the same functions via a secondary pivoting interface.

The colors and materials are all typically Italian. The Purosangue also features one of the most powerful Burmester audio systems offered in a Ferrari. Another first for Ferrari is to have four separate and independently adjustable seats.

Also, the heated rear seats can be adjusted independently and reclined. The fabric roof covering is from recycled polyester, the carpet is made from polyamide, recycled from fishing nets recovered from the oceans and of course, reformulated, Alcantara, again derived from recycled polyester.

Customers have the option to specify the floor of their Ferrari SUV with a high strength fabric used for military uniforms due to the durability of the material.

Ferrari Purosangue looks beautiful

We can easily argue that the Purosangue is the most beautiful SUV out there. It’s sculpted and curved in all the right places, making it the Marilyn Monroe of SUVs. It can easily be mistaken for a sports car until you are next to it.

Its imposing appearance is typical of a supercar, not an SUV. It’s amazing how Ferrari has played with the height of the SUV, giving you the impression of a low-slung GT.

It’s also light and compact in every way, including the roof – and the rear wings further contribute to the SUV’s perfect proportions. There is no grille in the front; it’s a bit like the Ferrari Roma in this regard.

Source: Ferrari