Top 10 Electric Vehicles of July 2022

Top 10 Electric Vehicles of July 2022

In a world where sustainability is on everyone’s mind and fossil fuel consumption is literally looked down upon – electric vehicles are slowly and steadily taking over the world! Electric vehicles dump the age-old fossil fuels and instead run on large traction batteries that are in turn powered by charging equipment. They may not run on motors, but they still manage to be sleek, fast and powerful. And we’ve put together a collection of EV designs that we thought were the best! From an electric train with a transparent panoramic roof to a MUJI x Honda electric bicycle – these innovative and groundbreaking cars promise to be the future for commuting and urban cars!

1. The Muji Honda MS01 Electric Bike

Introducing the Muji Honda MS01 electric bike, inspired by the MUJI H-Type bike. The black and white theme on this one is a testament to the softer styling of the MUJI – in fact, the company’s artistic director, Kenya Hara, did most of the design of the bike herself. All the equipment and power of the MS01 comes from the house of Honda. It’s a very balanced collaboration, resulting in this minimalist two-wheeler that’s ideal for city rides and beyond.

2. The Citroën La 2 Deuche Concept

Called the Citroën La 2 Deuche Concept, this cheeky mini car has a sense of lightness. The vehicle’s retro DNA is visible in the wheel section, headlights and accordion-like retracting roof that turns it into a convertible. According to Jean, the styling was chosen from the simple lines and silhouette of the inspiration – especially the Charleston version. The rest have the more modern profiling – especially the side profile and rear. Those taillights and the wheels give off the futuristic vibe, and as far as the exterior is concerned, that’s where it ends.


The WAYRA EV-03 is a high-personality bike, made with the heritage of fat bikes and cruiser-length bikes in mind, while also incorporating those minimal eye-catching modern touches to create visual appeal. The presence of café racer aesthetics also cannot be denied due to the rider’s low-slung positioning. The element of drag racing is evident thanks to the stretched rear end, but the tall ride height also gives off that dirt bike racer vibe.


This electric train comes with a two-level seating system, which allows more passengers to be carried per ride. However, the design of the AIRSCP is not like your average train. It comes with an expansive cockpit for the driver, complete with a wide windshield and a display on the top that lets people know where the train is going. People enter the train through doors on the sides and can either sit in the bottom row or move to the top row for a more immersive experience.


In any case, this concept bike functions as a two-wheeler and doesn’t sit in a lonely corner of your living room, in case you give up your fitness regime. It is a combination of an electric bicycle with aerobic and anaerobic fitness equipment. GYMO has three different positions when parked firmly on the stand. It has the obvious exercise bike mode for strengthening the leg muscle group, rowing machine mode for training the back and shoulder muscles, and the abdominal trainer for strengthening the core.

6. DeLorean E

This concept rendering by transportation designer Onkar H digs into what a DeLorean of the future will look like. Of course, it has to be electric to stand a chance of longevity in the heavily contested car market that is undergoing a metamorphosis for a near future dominated by electric vehicles. An electric DeLorean E powered by 4 powerful motors and a mid-mounted battery pack is what the passionate fans will take with both hands. After all, it kills two birds with one stone: owning a classic piece of history that doesn’t sound alienated in the EV landscape.

7. The GRAVITY Electric Bike

Most electric bicycles and hybrids use a motor to drive the bicycle’s gears or at the very least to help the cyclist pedal. Unlike motorcycles, these run on electricity and not fuel, so their carbon emissions are reduced, although they are still there. However, in addition to the electricity bill, you also pay for the weight of the batteries and the motor, even if you only use your feet to steer the vehicle. The GRAVITY electric bike design concept, on the other hand, gives you the best of both worlds and allows riders to easily switch between two modes when they need or feel like it.

8. The Zeva Zero

The Zeva Zero certainly looks more like a flying saucer than a flying car, even though its goals and some technologies are similar to other attempts to create personal transport vehicles that traverse the skies to avoid terrestrial traffic. First, using vertical takeoff and landing, also known as VTOL, makes it more similar to a helicopter than an airplane. On the one hand, this has the advantage of saving parking space, because the flying saucer launches and lands upright, unlike what you would expect from a flying disc. This even has the advantage of allowing the Zeva Zero to “dock” vertically against building walls with a system the startup calls SkyDock.

9. The EQLEUS Electric Mountain Patrol Bike

The EQULEUS Electric Patrol Bike rethinks what a mountain patrol bike should be like and beckons to the future of crime fighting. This two-wheeler concept is built with driving safety in mind and with enough space to store all essential tools and equipment. The rangers, in turn, can patrol inhospitable areas with the utmost confidence and freedom to take everything necessary with them. Even better, the storage modules loaded into the different parts of the bike are completely removable, allowing the rider to carry tools in the most organized way.

10. The pop-up scooter

Baptized Popup Scooter, the two-wheeled electric bike turns into a chick kick scooter and vice versa. This gives the rider (and his/her family and friends) the opportunity to choose the configuration according to their specific needs. The smooth transformation happens thanks to the hydraulic cylinder used in normal bikes to adjust the ride height. This hydraulic mechanism is capable of lifting an adult person, so lifting and lowering the body of the ride should not be a problem. At the core level, the concept isn’t just a blueprint that looks good on paper, but falls flat on its face when it comes to creating the actual prototype or even a production model.