Top 5 GTA Online Discounted Vehicles to Buy After the October 20 Weekly Update

These are still some cars that players can get this week (Images via

Discounted this week GTA Online cars get polarizing reactions from most GTA Online players. Many players expected discounts on better vehicles like the Terrorbyte and Pegassi Reaper.

However, this does not mean that every vehicle on sale this week is unfit for purchase. So to make players aware of these hidden gems, this post offers players five of the best-priced vehicles to buy in GTA Online after the weekly update on October 20.

Note: This article reflects the subjective opinion of the writer.

5 Discounted Vehicles This Week Players Should Consider Buying in GTA Online

1) Comet Safari

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Comet Safari’s main design inspiration is the famous Porsche 911, which has subsequently been heavily modified to give this car a of the road benefit. So if players are looking for a vehicle to drive on uneven surfaces, the Comet Safari will come in handy.

It also has excellent top speed and acceleration, making it suitable for off-road racing. Furthermore, this car is special because of its smaller size simple to handle during tight turns.

It also has great suspension especially when compared to other off road sport class cars which makes this car entertaining to drive through mountainous roads. Players can get it for a discounted price of $355,000.

2) Zion Classic

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Zion Classic is an old-school car whose design inspiration is the first-generation BMW. So any player who wants to own a classic car should definitely buy this car.

It’s also quite popular drift car in GTA Online due to its rigid handling and lack of oversteer. The great level of control players feel when driving this car is another huge selling point for anyone looking for a car that is easy and fun to drive.

It also has an unexpectedly high top speed and acceleration rate; so it can be used for competitive racing. Players can get this car for $406,000 with this week’s discount.

3) Blurred bullet

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The Vapid Bullet features a boxy, sharp-edged design that many players will find unique. It also has distinctive round headlights in the front, which gives this car a mesmerizing aesthetic.

So any car enthusiast who wants to stand out from the crowd in GTA Online and eventually own a Ford GT, the real car on which the Vapid Bullet is primarily based, should seriously consider buying this vehicle.

In addition, the Vapid Bullet has an insane top speed and acceleration far better than any other sports car in the game. Handling and brakes are also both responsive and easy to control. Players can get this car for a great discounted price of just $77,500.

2) Karin Everon

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GTA Online’s map features a variety of places, and it can get tedious to constantly search for vehicles that match the specific places players want to visit.

To solve this problem, players can purchase the Karin Everon, an all-terrain four-door truck with huge tires that can climb almost any type of surface.

With this car, no place is unreachable for players. In addition, the Karin Everon also has a high durability. So players don’t have to worry about this vehicle crashing all the time.

The only thing you need to consider while driving this truck is the handling, which can cause this truck to spin away when driving at high speed. Players can get this beast for a discounted price of $1,032,500 – $774,375.

1) Ocelot Grasshopper

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Ocelot Locust has a memorable futuristic design that is sure to attract players who love conceptual art and want to own a very recognizable car.

The Locust is based primarily on the real-life Lotus Seven, which then receives many conceptual design tweaks such as the removal of the roof and windshield.

This odd looking vehicle also has an amazing top speed and acceleration, making it a great choice for racing. The controls are also very responsive, so experienced GTA Online players can use it to turn aggressively in tight turns.

It tends to spin if players don’t pay attention when driving this car at high speed. However, this weakness can be improved and fixed with upgrades. Currently, players can get this car for $1,137,500.

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