Top 5 GTA Online vehicles with turrets in 2022

Turreted vehicles are the best in GTA Online (Images via Sportskeeda)

In GTA Online, a weaponized vehicle is arguably the deadliest combination of two of the deadliest and most useful things players can own in the game: guns and cars.

These vehicles have defensive and offensive capabilities as users can drive themselves out of dangerous situations. At the same time, they can also use them to take out mourners or enemies who continue to annoy them.

All in all, vehicles with built-in weapons are useful in GTA Online.

Due to their high demand, GTA Online has equipped its gamers base with numerous weaponized vehicles. If players are having trouble deciding which vehicles are best for them, this article will help.

Five Handiest Vehicles with Turrets to Buy in GTA Online (2022)

5) Luxury

The Imponte Dexluxo is based on the real-life DeLorean DMC-12 and is heavily inspired by the time-traveling Delorean from the hit 80s Hollywood movie Back to the future† However, one notable feature sets GTA Online’s Delorean apart from its original counterpart: the two forward-firing machine guns.

They have plenty of firepower against unarmored or lightly armored players and vehicles, but struggle with fully armored rides. Since the car can float, aiming is made a little easier by turning the car in the air.

The second weapon is two homing missile launchers, which, like the Ruiner 2000 and Vigilante, provide significant firepower against most targets and have strong tracking capabilities. Due to the low height of the launcher, the missiles can explode on specific obstacles or when traveling uphill, causing damage to other vehicles.

4) Ruiner 2000

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The Ruiner 2k is probably the most popular muscle car in GTA Online. It is modeled after the Pontiac Trans Am (KITT) from the TV show Knight Rider with fantastic acceleration and top speed.

But the main selling point of this insane car is its built-in features and capabilities, such as a parachute which, when used from a great height, helps slow it down while falling. It also has a power-hop device that allows the car to jump about four to five meters.

This vehicle also has two forward-facing machine guns that are controlled by the driver, similar to the mounted machine guns on the Buzzard Attack Chopper and the Annihilator. They have excellent firepower against unarmored or lightly armored players and vehicles.

And of course, this car also has two rocket launchers that deliver massive firepower against most targets. The homing missiles track targets very effectively, much better than missiles fired by other attack vehicles or the Homing Launcher, making them difficult to dodge.

3) Khanjali

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The TM-02 Khanjali is a tank in GTA Online that was released as part of the Doomsday Heist update. It is a contemporary light tank with a similar construction to the Rhino Tank, but with a stealth body.

The front of the ship has a wedge-shaped appearance with access ports for the driver and a front passenger. Being a tank, Khanjali offers users a variety of weapons. The primary weapon is a regular tank gun fired by the pilot, which behaves similarly to the Rhino, but has a lower elevation range.

But the most fun weapon to use is a heavy Railgun cannon that can be charged to fire a projectile faster and farther than a conventional Railgun cannon. A successful railgun cannon charge lasts at least one second, increasing the projectile’s launch speed by 19.9 percent and nearly doubling its effective range.

It also has a machine gun in the front passenger seat and two remote grenade launchers operated by the rear passengers. If gamers are crewed, this is a perfectly armed vehicle to travel in.

2) Rebellious Pickup Custom

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The Insurgent Pick-Up Custom was first presented as a mission-only vehicle, as players could use it as a bunker sales van in GTA Online. However, it became available to all users at the start of the Insurgent Pick-Up Custom Week event in 2017.

This was a great decision by the developers, as this vehicle has a turret with 360 degree coverage and an altitude range of -20 to 30 degrees, making it an excellent choice against low-flying aircraft and targets close to the vehicle. As a second option, this ride offers gamers a minigun that can easily blow up cars.

Rebellious Pickup Customs also has impressive armor that, when maxed out at 100%, allows the vehicle to survive up to 27 homing missiles or 14 RPGs and even extended gunfire, making it one of the strongest vehicles to destroy in the game.

1) Armed Tampa

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Weaponized Tampa is one of the fastest weaponized vehicles and slightly outperforms its stock counterpart. It also has superior ram strength compared to cars of similar or lower weight.

But the highlight of this car is the fantastic selection of weapons it offers to players, such as the forward-facing minigun, which can quickly destroy vehicles. Unfortunately, it cannot be moved in other directions.

But if users don’t want this limitation, they can easily upgrade it with two spinning miniguns that provide 360 ​​degrees of coverage and a limited elevation angle of -10 to 20 degrees. The enhanced damage and rate of fire of this weapon makes it very strong and capable of destroying unarmored vehicles in seconds.

The car also has a rocket launcher, mortars at the rear and proximity mines that can be used to inflict heavy environmental damage. The Weaponized Tampa is one of the deadliest cars in GTA Online because of its great performance and deadly weapons, which also make it the best car for players to get.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and reflects the author’s opinion only.

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