Top 5 key moments from Paul Pelosi DUI dashcam video: ‘He’s constantly reaching for the patrol car’

Top 5 key moments from Paul Pelosi DUI dashcam video: 'He's constantly reaching for the patrol car'

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California Highway Patrol released on Tuesday the dashcam video recorded the night of a May 28 crash involving Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi, who pleaded guilty to a DUI charge on Tuesday, can be seen talking to officers and conducting sobriety tests in the field after his 2021 Porsche was involved in a collision with a 2014 Jeep.

Here are the five key moments from the video:


Paul Pelosi during a DUI stop in California after crashing his Porsche in May.
(California Highway Patrol)

Pelosi, slurred, says he’s only had two glasses of wine

Pelosi’s voice is sometimes difficult to understand, in part because of his slurred speech, but you can hear him tell an officer that he had a “glass of champagne before dinner” and also “a glass of white wine”. [wine].”

Pelosi told officers that he started drinking around 7 p.m. and finished around 8 p.m. After stops at the hospital, the local CHP office, and eventually the county jail, investigators determined he had a blood alcohol level of 0.082%.

Pelosi talks about being a “high profile person”

Pelosi is a prominent figure, partly because of his marriage to the current Speaker of the House of Representatives. In the video, Pelosi can be heard with slurred speech and what he says can be difficult to understand.

But at one point in the tape, he speaks to the officer interviewing him, and seems to describe himself as a “high-profile person.”

“I understand who you are,” the officer responds.

“And I’m not here to try to do anything to draw negative attention to you,” the officer says. “If you’ve been honest with me, you really don’t have to worry about the alcohol you took.”

Pelosi clings to the vehicle for balance

In addition to being heard gulping, Pelosi can be involved in activities that officers describe as “objective” signs of intoxication.

As the officers discuss his results, Pelosi is seen out of balance and clutching at the vehicle – something the officers notice.

“He’s constantly reaching for the patrol car to keep his balance,” said one officer. At the same time, Pelosi can be seen walking in front of the dashcam with his hand on the front push bar.


Pelosi performs sobriety test

Pelosi tries to do the sobriety test, which includes tracking an officer’s finger with his eyes. Another has him place his feet together, arms to the side, look at the sky and then close his eyes and count to thirty.

During the interview, the officer tells Pelosi that he and the driver are lucky that there are no more serious injuries. Photos showed bruises on Pelosi’s hands and forearms after the crash and damage to both vehicles.

The other driver was identified only as John Doe. Both medical treatment refused at the scene, but Doe told Napa County prosecutors on June 2 that he began to experience pain in his right upper arm, right shoulder, and neck the day after the crash.

“There are crashes I’ve experienced with much less damage than this, where people were found to be much more seriously injured,” the officer tells Pelosi.

Pelosi asks ‘what will happen’ if he fails the alcohol test

While the officers go through the alcohol test process, and say he can do a breath test or a blood test. Pelosi seems concerned about failing the test.

“If I take the breath test and not the blood test, what happens?” he says.

The officer says he doesn’t have to take both, just one or the other.

“If I take the breath test and I fail, what happens?”

“Then we will proceed with the arrest,” the officer says.


Authorities confirmed to Fox News Digital that 82-year-old Pelosi was taken to Queen of the Valley Hospital prior to arrival for treatment for possible injuries. in a prison in Napa County — a routine step in a serious motor vehicle accident, according to the sheriff’s department.

And he had more than two hours to burn off the alcohol in his body before the researchers took a blood sample.