Top car cleaning and healthy travel tips for the holidays

Top car cleaning and healthy travel tips for the holidays

SCOTS drivers are reminded that toothbrushes, baby wipes and socks are some of the best tools for cleaning up their cars this May holiday weekend.

‘s team online car lease experts has come up with cheap and clever hacks to help motorists keep the dirt away and make that showroom shine again.

Topping the list is placing an old sock on the end of a plastic bottle to collect dust and grime from cup holders, which is probably much more effective than trying to scoop the manure out with your hands.

Using a toothbrush is an easy way to remove dust stuck in vents and on the dashboard, while brushing the dashboard with petroleum jelly can help give it a shine.

If you often have children in the car, it is essential to have baby wipes on hand. If you clean up the mess right away, it won’t get out of hand.

A monthly refresh with an all-purpose carpet cleaner is a great way to keep dirt on fabrics at bay. If you have a small bag in the car, there is no reason to leave trash lying around in the car.

Children in the back can often leave unwanted marks on the passenger and driver’s seat. Buying stair mats is a good way to prevent wear and tear from little ones.

Likewise, if you tend to keep a lot of stuff in the car for things like your job, seat and trunk organizers can make your vehicle tidier. Air fresheners — which clip onto the vents and usually last longer than paper-based versions — also keep cars feeling clean.

A spokesperson said: “Cleaning a car shouldn’t take much time and you can stop the build-up of grime with a few preventative methods.

“Sitting in a clean and tidy car can help drivers stay focused and comfortable and improve road safety because drivers are not distracted by their cluttered vehicle interior.”

Meanwhile, while many hay fever patients are expected to get behind the wheel this weekend, major Scottish car dealer Peter Vardy has some top travel tips.

Check the weather and pollen forecast first – if the Met Office predicts high pollen counts and you’re concerned about your driving, consider alternative travel plans or ask someone else to drive.

Hay fever drivers should be wary before getting behind the wheel
(Image: GEM Motoring Assist)

A diffuser with drops of oils like lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus all have anti-inflammatory properties and can unblock stuffy noses to make travel more enjoyable.

If you don’t have a car diffuser, drop the oil on an old air freshener and hang it near your air conditioner vent to reap the same benefits. It is also vital to ensure that the medication you are taking is not drowsy and does not affect your ability to drive.

Regular cabin cleaning prevents pollen from getting into the car, while keeping the windows closed is a sensible measure.

Family physician and author Dr. Sarah Brewer has worked with Euro car parts to advise on how to prevent motion sickness, a survey by the auto company shows that 54 percent of people often suffer from it.

Important factors include avoiding fatty, greasy and spicy foods, as well as alcohol, but not traveling on an empty stomach. Eat a light meal about an hour before you travel and replenish yourself with small, low-fat, non-acidic snacks during long journeys.

Offer to be the motorist if possible – motorists are less likely to get motion sickness because they focus on the outside.

If that’s not an option, try sitting in the front seats, opening the windows to allow fresh air to circulate, and keeping your attention focused on the distant horizon to lessen your sensory input.

Use car seats to help kids in the back so they can sit high enough to see out the window. Medications such as the antihistamine cinnarizine may also help.

And car financing company Zuto has put together top tips on what to keep on board for long journeys.

Remember to bring your driver’s license, insurance information and a roadside assistance number, as well as the car manual for any accidents.

A first aid kit with plasters and bandages is always a good idea for minor bumps or scratches – in or out of the car.

Take water and snacks with you on the go to avoid fatigue on the road, while sunglasses not only add a touch of optimism but can keep your vision from being affected.

Finally, before you go, check that your tire pressure, oil level and lighting are in order.

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