Top Gun Maverick’s Kenny Loggins Reveals If He’s Returning in Grand Theft Auto 6

Top Gun Maverick's Kenny Loggins Reveals If He's Returning in Grand Theft Auto 6

Legendary musical artist Kenny Loggins has revealed his thoughts on returning for Grand Theft Auto 6. Loggins is currently helping to promote the VOD release of: Top Gun: Maverickthe sequel to a movie that gave Loggins his most popular song, Danger zone. As one of the most legendary musicians around, Rockstar Games recruited him to DJ for the classic rock station in Grand Theft Auto V. Loggins’ role in the universe gave him the chance to talk about music, inject some more satire into the game, and even record some of his own songs, such as the aforementioned Top Gun hymn, Danger zone

When speaking to in an interview for Top Gun: Maverick’s VOD Release, Kenny Loggins Revealed He “Hopes” Rockstar Will Bring Him Back For Grand Theft Auto 6. Loggins spoke about his experience on Grand Theft Auto V, noting how his kids convinced him to do it after being nervous about how controversial the series was at the time. Loggins also spoke fondly of his experience with the game, noting how clever and hilarious the writers are.

“I hope so! It was just a lot of fun. When I was invited to do it, I called my kids and said, ‘Is this something I need to be separate from?’ Because I’ve never played the game and there was a lot of negativity about violent video games back then, they said, “Dad, it doesn’t matter. It is inextricably linked to the social phenomena that are taking place now. This is part of social history and you have to do it.’ I did it and it was fun! The writers of that game are hilarious and are also very smart guys.”

Sounds like no one called Kenny Loggins for a part in Grand Theft Auto 6 currently. Since the game is reportedly not set to release until 2024, it’s possible that Rockstar hasn’t really started working on the radio stations yet. It would make sense that it would be one of the last features to be implemented so that the studio can license relevant music, make sure the VO for the radio DJs doesn’t have to deal with sudden last minute changes in the story of the game, and soon. It’s also worth noting that Loggins’ radio station was based out of Los Santos, but there’s no reason he can’t move to Vice City, which is the rumor setting for the game.

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