Touch screens are becoming more common in modern cars, but may not be a good idea

Touch screens are becoming more common in modern cars, but may not be a good idea

Are screens safe to drive? A new study shows it’s much more of a distraction than driver benefits.

20/08/2022 20:00

Over the years, it has been possible to observe the continuous modernization of cars to meet the new requirements. Still, some brands have decided to take action. the most curious and the interior of the differenceSometimes they may have gone too far. To understand what we are talking about, it is essential to take a look at the current Tesla. If you’re looking for physical buttons, you won’t find them in the center console area. Instead of this resolution we get a bigger screen.

To legitimize this transition, it is required that a word that can sound fun and trendyThey call it minimalism. It’s an idea that can be very interesting as a concept. However, it hides a hidden face. Does it make sense that the authorities, for example, do not allow to see a screen a smart phone While driving, but the simple fact of operating a screen with these functions? These are issues that leave room for controversy. Especially if it has been decided to install all services via this system.

So let’s see why it might not be a good idea to install a screen that can replace the entire keyboard. In the specific case of Tesla, the decision to start the direction of travel also no longer has a traditional button. The future is moving towards standardization of these services, but the truth is that: I don’t think it’s such a positive idea., Is security inversely proportional to modernity? By this standard, it can be said that it is.

Touchscreens and cost savings for manufacturers

Amid the lack of component supply, it has become possible to see: A clear commitment to the use of digital technologies button to release. This ultimately translates into cost savings for the manufacturers. Selling this solution with the concept of minimalism doesn’t work, does it? It all started with Tesla, but the truth is that this move has only been repeated.

Tesla has become one of the leading companies in minimalism Neo Motor

One of the main issues that this remedy faces is directly related to the menus and drop-down menus in the operating system. While there are manufacturers like Polestar that already have software Made by Google (we are not talking about Google Car Play), most alternatives They continue to bet on their own designsThis can cause errors when manipulating the screen for the person who can drive multiple vehicles at the same time.

According to the Vi bilägare portal, it has been found that the user needs 4 times more time to perform a specific and traditional task. A total of 11 new cars were added with an integrated screen in the dashboard, to monitor the effectiveness during the use of the services by the driver. they were all compared An example of the Volvo V7O with the age of 17,

The purpose of the test was to test how much time was wasted on each of the analyzed models compared to traditional models with buttons on the center console. tests are also done Travel speed of 110 km/h To mimic a traditional traffic situation. Well, what were the results?

Touchscreens are becoming more common in modern cars, but that may not be a good idea

The interior of the Volvo V70 used in the KM77 test

One of the issues that attracts the most attention is undoubtedly the difficulty associated with air conditioning. The fact that it is integrated into the screen makes it very difficult to handle, as the analog mechanism allows enjoy the very fast experienceThis can be seen in all models analyzed during the test. What to say in more specific cases? Here are some keys.

In the case of Volkswagen and Seat, some of the synergy that the two companies share is particularly striking. The presence of a digital climate control system without backlight, This makes it difficult to maneuver, so more seconds are lost than expected to manage this feature. BMW makes it very difficult to manage the various integrated equipment via the IX variant, which means that the user loses more time.

The winner of the test was undoubtedly the Volvo V70 of the year 2005. The 4 tasks performed were completed in just 10 seconds, over a distance of about 300 meters. In the case of MG Marvel R, It took 44.6 secondsBy this time, the vehicle had covered a total distance of 1,372 meters. Most models required a time of about 1,000 m, as safety would exceed comfort, a considerable distance.

A special case is the Volvo C40, the first car with Management system developed by GoogleIt was possible to verify how it performed all the maneuvers in a slightly better time than most candidates, but the results obtained by the traditional V70 model.

The conclusion that can be drawn is that we are confronted with a more minimalist techniqueBut this is the opposite of security by diverting attention from the road to managing digital tasks. We are facing a technology that will prevail because of the cost savings and simplification required by the manufacturers.