Used vehicles: where and how to find the best deals?

Used vehicles: where and how to find the best deals?

The explosion in the value of used cars over the past year is making a big difference to many potential buyers. You either need to spend more or rethink your needs and priorities.

Is it still possible to find bargains? Somehow a return to normal in the current context seems unlikely.

In this article, we’ll give you some advice to help you find a good used car that’s good for your wallet.

Broaden your search

The more choices there are, the more likely you are to find a good deal, which is why you should use online tools to search outside your area. Quebec is a big place, but the reasonably priced car that will suit your needs is waiting for you somewhere, and it might be worth spending a little more on gas.

Choose the right size

Pickups and SUVs are quite popular and their value has increased accordingly. But do you really need a large vehicle? In many cases, compact cars have escaped the value explosion, giving you a greater chance of finding a lot.

Search for “obscure heroes”

Some good models have been abandoned by their manufacturers for various reasons, and they may also be less popular with used car dealers. If you’re just looking for a mode of transportation for your daily commute, you might discover unexpected treasures.

Be patient… and move fast

Unless you need to replace your vehicle overnight for some reason, give yourself time to shop. Good things come to those who wait, right? In addition, arrivals can vary greatly from season to season. But if you find a tempting offer that has everything you need, be ready to quickly pull the trigger before someone else gets it.

Certified is better

A good deal means value for money. Certified used vehicle programs not only improve quality, they also provide other valuable benefits such as an enhanced warranty, exchange privilege, roadside assistance, etc.

Happy shopping!