Video: car owner throws himself on top of car during attempted car theft

Video: car owner throws himself on top of car during attempted car theft

CHICAGO (CBS) — Dramatic video shows attempted car theft in action in Edgewater.

As CBS 2’s Marybel Gonzalez reported, witnesses say it’s lucky that no one nearby was injured during the trial.

The incident happened in the middle of the day on Friday at Thorndale near Broadway – on a busy street full of small businesses. Some employees who were working at the time said they were still shocked.

It looks like a stunt from a movie. The footage, which has been widely circulated on social media, shows a man clinging to the top of a car’s windshield as the vehicle recklessly makes a U-turn on Thorndale Avenue.

The motorist accelerates, swinging between other cars, stopped at the traffic light near Broadway, almost hitting witnesses.

According to the 911 dispatcher’s calls, a man tried to stop the driver from stealing his car. Witnesses say the man entered a nearby liquor store and left his car. They say that when a young man got into his car and tried to drive away.

But when the car owner saw it happening, he threw himself at it.

The video shows the car making another sudden U-turn in the middle of the intersection before heading north on Broadway Street with the man still on top.

Witnesses said the would-be car thief at one point limped back to the crime scene before getting on the Red Line CTA train and driving off.

“I have several witnesses who say that the person who stole the car with the gentleman on top of the car apparently left at some point. He ran back to the Red Line platform, got on the train and is now driving south on the Red Line train ‘ you hear the dispatcher say.

The dispatcher says the car was abandoned on Broadway, about half a block north of Thorndale Avenue. It is not clear whether the owner of the car was injured.

Witnesses say police arrived after the car stopped and the suspect ran away.

CBS 2 contacted police to see if they were investigating the matter and awaited a response Sunday night. There is no word yet on any arrests related to the incident.