Visual Pro Detailing in Benton Provides the Highest Level of Care for Vehicles | Local news

Visual Pro Detailing in Benton Provides the Highest Level of Care for Vehicles |  Local news

BENTON — Mark Barger turned his old hobby in the automotive industry into a business when he opened Visual Pro Detailing in 2010.

For the first few years, he worked out of his truck and a small garage in Johnston City. Today it has expanded to a larger facility in Benton.

“It’s been quite a journey, but it was well worth it,” Barger said. “Detailing is a very difficult profession to get off the ground. The early years and winters can be very slow and brutal. We focused very hard on the customer experience and made sure to treat every customer and car the way we would like to be treated and I think that’s the ‘secret’ to our long-term success.”

Visual Pro Detailing is specialized in ceramic coatings. A ceramic coating provides long-lasting protection to a vehicle’s surfaces and gives the finish a spectacular shine. The coating lasts significantly longer than any traditional wax or sealant, offers superior UV protection, water repellency and easy cleaning to help the owner protect their investment over the long term.

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“These coatings save our customers a tremendous amount of time,” says Barger. “Less time for washing, no time for waxing, less time for maintenance and cleaning of their vehicles. It gives them freedom and helps them enjoy their vehicles more than ever before.”

Mark Barger prepares to apply ceramic coating to a C7 Corvette at Visual Pro Detailing in Benton.

Provided by Mark Barger

Barger said satisfying customers and building lasting relationships with them is his favorite part of running his own business.

“The cars are cool, but protecting and giving our customers a better life through our services is the best thing no one talks much about,” says Barger. “We get just as much satisfaction from ceramic coating and making our customers happy with their Honda Civics as we do by providing the same services to a brand new C8 Corvette.”

Barger added window tinting to its range of services due to market demand. It offers multiple shades and can help customers decide the best option for their needs.

“We wanted to make our window tinting offerings a little different,” said Barger. “Really educate the customer about what they are getting, how the shades work, to help them make the best and most informed decision.”

At the Benton location, Visual Pro Detailing wants to expand even further. Barger said the expansion has been in the works for a while.

“A larger facility would help us hire more staff and accelerate our turnaround,” said Barger. “We refuse to cut corners and our schedule for ceramic coating a vehicle often fluctuates from a wait of two to four months.”

Barger’s most popular package is the Pro Coating package, which provides a top-level ceramic coating for all exterior surfaces. He said that most customers just want the best services offered.

Visual Pro Detailing is a fully insured company and Barger has special training for his profession. He said the certification is important to ensure the work is done correctly.

“It’s important to know that the person installing an expensive, long-term product on your beloved vehicle really knows what they’re doing and understands the process,” says Barger. “There is currently no legal license or registration to become a detailer in the state of Illinois. Anyone can go on Amazon, order some form of ceramic coating and call themselves a professional detailer and sell ceramic coatings.

“With certification from companies like Gtechniq and Gyeon, who have some of the highest standards of detailers allowed into their network, my clients know they are getting a reputable and professional result from an experienced and highly skilled detailer.”


Mark Barger polishes a Jeep at Visual Pro Detailing in Benton.

Provided by Mark Barger

When asked what his biggest piece of advice would be to the average person who takes care of their vehicle, Barger said the best advice he can give someone to keep their vehicle looking great is to have it checked every one to two weeks. hand wash.

“Most automatic washes cause long-term damage to vehicles, and even touch-free washes leave a lot of dirt and other contaminants on the vehicle,” says Barger. “Hand wash, dry well and apply some form of UV protection (wax) regularly if you don’t want to go the ceramic route.”

To learn more about Visual Pro Detailing, the services they offer, or to make an appointment for your ride, visit or email Barger at [email protected]

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