Was Croatia Tänak’s biggest WRC drive ever? – Dirtfish

Was Croatia Tänak's biggest WRC drive ever?  – Dirtfish

“That was an incredible performance on his part and showed a degree of maturity on his part that somehow we haven’t seen very often from him. That tenacity, that punch, didn’t put a foot wrong by itself as far as I could see anywhere; he is just tucked away.That was a championship-winning ride.

And let’s not be mistaken, he was in about as bad a road position as Elfyn Evans. You wouldn’t have put much between the two in terms of options, but he was leading the rally and Elfyn was almost three minutes back.”

A second-place finish, aided by tire choice, Tänak’s biggest ride yet? David Evans didn’t want it.

“Rarely have I disagreed with you so much, George,” Evans replied. “I thought it was a good event from Ott, I thought it was a sensible event and from a maturity point of view he drove a very good rally. You’re right; he needed the points, he made it to the finish.

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