WATCH: Group of 8 people run on New York’s moving subway

WATCH: Group of 8 people run on New York's moving subway

The New York City Police Department is looking for a group of at least seeing eight people running over the top of a subway in Brooklyn.

Chris ‘Goose’ Gossling shared a video of the subway surfers on Twitter, saying the train had just crossed the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn. The footage showed at least eight people walking across two different carriages of the train as it towered on the elevated platform above the street.

While several people sprinted past the roof of the train car, others just casually sat with their feet over the edge.

“These people just came over the bridge from Williamsburg on top of the train,” He wrote

Several other videos were shared on Twitter showing the intrepid group on top of the subway, including one that appears to show them climbing between two of the cars on the roof.

New York City police are aware of the videos and said the group could be charged with trespassing and reckless endangerment for their dangerous stunt.

“We don’t advise people to ride on top of the subway,” a sergeant told the New York Post