What are the best batteries for cars?

What Are The Best Batteries for Cars?

Car batteries charge themselves when you drive the car, but you need a new battery if your old one breaks. Therefore, here is the list of the best car batteries you need.

Your car battery is both an essential and a reliable part of your car. Your engine needs a battery to start. You have to recharge your battery every time or you could have trouble starting your engine. In general, car batteries charge themselves when you drive the car, but you need a new battery when your old one fails.


Best Car Batteries:

  1. Tata Green Silver Battery

Tata is a popular brand in many areas. Tata green battery is one of the best batteries in the battery market. The batteries come in many variants, so for a particular car model, there are many variants of the battery available based on capacity, price, etc. The company’s after-sales service is very good and you get similar services for each variant.


  1. Odyssey Extreme

The Odyssey series is available in many sizes. The Group 35 model is intended for Honda and Toyota cars and provides 850 cold-start amps. It has a standby capacity of 130 minutes at 25 amps. The battery comes with a full 4-year replacement warranty.

  1. Okaya Wheelz Battery

This battery model is one of the best selling batteries from Okaya. The battery comes with a decent 35 amps and has a capacity of 12v. The battery is suitable for all kinds of cars and also has an easy starting power. The battery has a 2-year warranty and is a good choice for you.

  1. Luminous batteries

The batteries offered by Luminous have silver alloy technology. It provides better power, long life, corrosion resistance and a stress-free experience. The starting current provided by the silver alloy technology is up to 30 percent higher. The battery is durable in extreme weather conditions due to the spider web structure. The battery is maintenance-free and also spill-resistant.

  1. Amco Battery

One of the best car batteries on the market is the Amco power star. This battery model is made for cars and has a weight of 11 kg. It is small in size and easier to carry. The battery is available in a capacity of 32 ah, which is sufficient for cars. The available warranty on the battery is 36 months.

  1. Power zone of Amara Raja

The powezone battery comes with a capacity of 80 ah and is durable and reliable. The battery also has features like non-resistance and non-folding design etc. It is available in a 12v power capacity. No assembly is required with this battery.

  1. Exide Matrix

One of the popular batteries from Exide is the Exide matrix battery. The capacity of the battery is 45Ah and 12v power. It weighs only 14.5 kg and has a compact design. The battery has an advanced Ca-Ca system and is therefore exclusive to other batteries. The battery life is extended by the glass mat separation and double-ordered polyethylene.


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