What do the best dual camera dash cams record?

What Do The Best Dash Cams with Two Cameras Record?

Well, the world is getting more digital by the day and we no doubt love to record stuff. A dashcam in your car, also known as a digital car video recorder, records the front and rear views. Let’s find out more about it in short.

What are dash cams?


A dashcam, also known as a dashboard camera, is an event data recorder that records the images non-stop, either from the vehicle’s windshield, from the rear windows, or both. You can also get the dash cameras to record the interior of the car 360 degrees.

This usually comes in the form of a ball. Such dashcams can also be used to transmit photos and videos over 4G. You can also use them to measure acceleration or deceleration, speed, steering angle, tension, g-force, etc.

Some of the new versions of dashcams are regularly updated and have touch screens. The screen size varies and such lugs are usually placed on the rear view mirrors. The G-sensors present in this device prevent the previous recordings from being overwritten by the new data. The latest data is either saved in a different folder or is made read-only.

What do the best dual camera dash cams record?

As the name suggests, a dual dashcam is a device with two cameras, one as the rear camera and the other as the front camera. You need to install a dual dash camera in your car if you want to capture the entire journey from both the rear and the front. These cameras will continuously record until your vehicle is turned on.

Buying the best dual camera dash cams is worth your money as it provides you with proof against any accidents or fraudulent insurance claims. Plus, dashcams help you get a lower insurance premium.


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List of Best Dash Cams to Buy:

The market for dash cams is huge and growing every day. Choosing the best dash cam according to your preferences can be an excellent task. So we’re here to help you choose the best dash cam among the other options. The lists of some of these cams that you can buy are as follows:

  • Nextbase 622GW:
    It has a 140-degree field view with a 4K resolution and a 3″ touchscreen. It also has an emergency SOS. It will cost you about $400

  • Garmin Dash Cam 57:
    It has a 140 degree field of view with 1440p resolution, 2″ LCD and GPS. It will cost you about $230 and comes in a very compact size.

  • Nextbase 320 XR Dash Cam:
    It has a 140-degree field of view front and rear, 1080 front and rear resolution, and a 2.5-inch display. It has no GPS. It is quite affordable and ranges around $150. Its sleek and compact design attracts buyers.

  • Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2:


    It has a 140 degree field display with 1080p resolution. It has no GPS. However, it is quite affordable and ranges from about $130.

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