What is the best looking factory exhaust system?

What is the best looking factory exhaust system?

When it comes to designing cars, the exhaust is often an easy way for automakers to let people know what that vehicle is all about. Hidden exhaust vents? Most likely a family car or a luxury vehicle. Crazy mid-mount quad-pipe setup? Probably something sporty. But for all the different factory exhausts out there, which one looks the best?

The first that comes to mind is the Lexus LFA and its triple tailpipes. This setup looked more like a Gatling pistol than an exhaust system and was not only beautiful, but also played a big part in the car’s legendary V10 sound. But that’s not the only example where Lexus got creative with their exhaust designs; there are also the now iconic stacked quad tailpipes from their “regular” F models. The trend started with the IS F of the mid-2000s and then continued with the RC F and GS F until the most recent version on the IS 500 F Sport Performance.

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There are also side exits like on the Dodge Viper, or the more forward placed Mercedes SLR McLaren’s side pipes. Both are always interesting despite their subtlety, but perhaps the most unique application of these is on the TVR Sagaris, where the tailpipes are set back far enough that you’d think they’re traditional twin exits, but they take a 90-degree bend just in front of the bumper.

There is also a certain beauty in cleverly integrated exhausts such as the bumper pipes of the C1 Corvette and the slim tailpipes of the Koenigsegg Regera hidden in the diffuser. Right on the other end of the spectrum, there’s also the bizarre, in-your-face star-shaped exhaust of the Apollo IE.

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