Who makes Fortune Tires and are they good?

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If you buy something affordable online or at your local tire store to replace your worn out OEM tires, you will likely come across Fortune tires.

With model names like Viento, Perfectus and Tormenta A/T, it’s a brand and model of tires you’ve probably never heard of.

Here’s everything you need to know about Fortune tires so you can make a more informed decision on whether or not to buy them.

About Fortune Tires

Fortune Tires is one of four tire sub-brands owned by the Shangdong, China-based Prinx Chengshan (Shangdong) tire company.

Established in 1976, Prinx Chengshan has been in the tire industry for decades.

Here is Prinx Chengshan’s tire portfolio.

The Prinx Chengshang Shandong tire family.

According to Tire Business, Prinx Chengshan and Cooper Tires entered into a joint venture between 2005-2014 until PC bought Cooper’s share.

As of 2019, PC is still making Roadmaster brand truck tires for Cooper.

According to their trademark information, Fortune Tires was first used commercially in 2005.

Fortune Tires has a full line of tires with different models for both the passenger and commercial markets.

While PC has production facilities in China and Thailand, looking at Fortune Viento and Perfectus tires, two of the most popular Fortune tires for sale…

a majority of Fortune tires sold in the United States appear to be made in Thailand.

Most Fortune tires sold in the US are made in Thailand.



The greatest strength of Fortune Tires, like most cheap tire brands, is how affordable they are.

Take, for example, the Fortune Viento VSR702, an all-season UHP tire in 235/45/R18, a common tire size found on performance sedans.

on tire rack, 235/45/R18 All-Seasons from Tier 1 and Tier 2 brands such as Laufenn, Bridgestone and Goodyear cost about $150-160.

On priority band and AmazonVientos in the same size cost between $92-120.

Even if you get those Vientos on Amazon, there’s a $120 saving to be had.

That money can be spent on the installation, and you still have money left over.

In fact, shop Fortune Tires against other tires in the same class and size and you’ll find Fortune Tires undercut the competition almost every time.

Delivers performance

A low-cost tire is not good if, despite being cheap, it does not meet the basic principles such as good grip on dry and wet surfaces and durability.

After reading dozens of Fortune Tire reviews, it seems most Fortune tire buyers are more than happy with what they get.

“Overall, Fortune tires are actually really nice for what you pay,” says Adrian Garibay of his Fortune Tire purchase on Amazon for his 2004 Lexus ES330. “The ride feels great and they’re not really noisy on the road either. .” (review linked here)

“I bought four new tires: Fortune Tormenta M/T FSR310, 265/70R17,” says Newman 01 of a Tormentas review of Priority Tire. “I’m very happy with my purchase, put on these bad guys and I’m amazed at how quiet these rough-looking highway mud grips are.” (review linked here)

“Very smooth ride so far,” says Boja L of the Fortune Perfectus FSR602 on PT. I don’t expect to keep the car very long, but a great tire for a reasonable price. My oh my tire prices have gone up!” (Review linked here.)

Weak points


A few of these bargain tires don’t seem to offer any kind of warranty and, with Fortune Tires, after an online search, that appears being the case.

I say “appears” because, according to the Fortune Perfectus listing on Priority Tirethey say, “Fortune offers a 65,000-mile tread warranty with this model.”

Fortune’s Viento Tire List on Cassidy Tyres says Vientos has a 50,000-mile limited warranty on treadwear.

If so, I should be able to find warranty information on their website, but unfortunately I can’t find any information backing up what they say about PT.

Until I can find something official, I’m assuming Fortune Tires comes with no warranty.

Where can I read more reviews about Fortune Tires?


If you are the typical driver who only uses their car in the city, takes the occasional long journey, and doesn’t rely on their tires for long, daily commutes, then I have no hesitation in recommending Fortune tires to you. .

If you are on a budget and need tires yesterday whether you are traveling with your car or not, new tires are better than worn and in this case chances are you will be more than happy with Fortune Tires.

However, if you absolutely rely on your car to get you to work every day and have a few extra bucks to spare because I can’t find any warranty information on Fortune tires, I would honestly recommend going for one of the more tire brands with established value such as Hankook, Laufeen, Nankang, Sailun or Federal.