Why is it not a good idea to walk on the roof of a car?

Why walking on car

We’ve seen movie actors do it on the screens, but do you think standing on the roof of a car is a good idea? Well, this owner of the Tata Punch not only thought this was a good idea but also thought it was the best way to test the power of a car. While some people believe in testing the strength of the car by applying force to the body of the vehicle, this owner took it to the next level and stood on the roof of the car.

The owner of the car uploaded the video while trying to verify that his weight would cause a dent in the Tata Punch. The owner climbs on the roof and even walks around. The result? Well, there are now some big dents on the roof of the vehicle. However, once he comes off the roof, the deformity disappears and the roof becomes just like before.

Owner comments on build quality

At the end of the video, the owner of the Tata Punch claims that the build quality of the car is strong, as the deformation that occurred that quickly took its weight off. Here, however, the car owner only told half the truth. While this process demonstrates that the car’s sheet metal is strong enough, it is not the only parameter to test the safety level.

The roof of a car is made of a thick sheet of metal, which is used to cover the solid metal crossbeams of the entire skeleton of the car. In the event of a collision, it is not the sheet metal, but the transverse beams of the frame of the car that absorb the impact. These crossbars are designed to absorb those shocks, depending on the magnitude of the impact. If the roof is large enough, it will deform and lose its original shape.

The method of climbing on the roof of a car to check its strength is an incorrect practice. This is because there is no warranty or guarantee given by the car manufacturer to maintain the original shape of the roof once the weight has been removed. Running such tests can even be useless for cars like Tata Punch, which have been awarded a 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash tests. This idea can permanently distort the shape of the roof. It’s just that the Tata Punch owner here was lucky enough not to have such an accident happen to him.

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