Why the Obey 10F is one of GTA Online’s cheapest cars

Why the Obey 10F is one of GTA Online's cheapest cars

Released as part of GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises update, the Obey 10F has become one of the most popular cars in the game.

Serving as an updated version of the Obey 9F, the 10F is based on the genuine Audi R8 (4S). With stunning visuals, great performance and a modest price tag, the 10F has gained a huge following in recent weeks. In a game with vehicles selling for around $3 million, it’s a relief to have one that costs just $1,675,000. The Obey 10F, which belongs to the sports class, is a performer with a top speed of more than 202.78 km/h, the car does not compete with the Ocelot Pariahs of the world, but is respectable in its own right. This is why the Obey 10F is one of the best buys for car collectors in GTA Online.

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What sets Obey 10F apart from GTA Online?

“The air intake slots, the titanium valves, that big, fat naturally aspirated engine. Yes. This is a thirst post. And let’s face it, it works. Eligible for customization at Benny’s Original Motor Works.”
— Legendary motorsport description.

As mentioned before, the price of the car puts it on the right track. With an asking price of just $1.6 million, players have enough cash left over to trick their ride. Going from strength to strength, the car offers plenty of customization options for the price. From bumper removals to colorways, the Obey 10F doesn’t disappoint when it comes to customization. Designed after the second-generation Audi R8, fans can finally get their hands on the updated version of the car.

Originally, fans had to rely on the Obey 9F that has been in the game since launch. While the car is no slouch, the lack of deep customization options and overall mediocre performance relegated it to a mid-tier car. The Obey 10F weighs 1,650 kg with a rear-wheel drive. Compared to the 9F’s four-wheel drive drivetrain, this might be a bit of a bummer for some. With RWD cars in GTA Online, oversteer and fishtailing are common issues.

While not ideal for racing, the Obey 10F is great for tuners and those who like to ride through Los Santos in style. The car is not suitable for competitive play but is a must have for any collector in the game. In the game files, another variant of the car, the Obey 10F Widebody, is on the way. With a Liberty Walk-esque body kit, the new variant could have even more customization options in store.

All in all, like many new GTA Online vehicles, the Obey 10F is not suitable for competitive play, such as racing. While this may seem limiting, its looks, cost, customizability and value for money make this a great buy for car enthusiasts.