Wry smiling Christian Horner labels Sebastian Vettel’s Aston Martin a ‘good car’

Wry smiling Christian Horner labels Sebastian Vettel's Aston Martin a 'good car'

Christian Horner joked Sebastian Vettel “has a good car” in reference to allegations that the Aston Martin car is a “green Red Bull”.

After spending five years together at Red Bull, four of which Vettel world championship, the relationship between Horner and the now Aston Martin driver has never soured.

Sunday’s race in Baku was a day to enjoy for both of them. Horner’s team took a one-two while Vettel finished P6, his highest position of the season.

The bond between the two was shown during Horner’s post-race interview when Vettel congratulated his former boss as he passed.

The Red Bull team boss was later asked how he liked seeing Vettel back in between the points and couldn’t help but joke at Aston Marin’s expense.

“He’s doing a great job,” Horner told Sky Sports F1. “He has a good car and it’s good to see him up there. It’s good to see the old boy still has it. †

As he made the comment, he did so with a wry smile and it was a reference to an ongoing problem between the two teams that began in Barcelona.

Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, Aston Martin unveiled a vastly improved AMR22 that bore a striking resemblance to Red Bull’s RB18. The car and its development were approved by the FIA, who ruled no violations had been committed despite the departure of some Red Bull employees to join Aston Martin for the season.

That didn’t close the case, though, as Horner, alongside Helmut Marko, insisted there was more to come with Marko even claiming they had evidence that “data had been downloaded”.

While there had been no news for a while leading Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack to suggest nothing would come of the Red Bull investigations, Horner said it was still under consideration by the FIA.

Pressed on his comment, he played it with a straight bat, saying: “That’s up to the FIA, but I’m happy for Seb that he did well today.”

It was an almost perfect afternoon for Red Bull as both Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz had to stop early. This led to Sergio Perez leading in front of Max Verstappen before the Dutchman easily flew past his teammate who had been told there was to be “no fighting”.

However, Perez backed the order, saying it was “a right decision by the team”.

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